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I am no bird and no net ensnares me.


Does it ever stop? The wanting you?


Really stoked on how this one came out!!  Thank you Danielle!  British robin, climbing roses, wild heather, and ivy.  

Does she scare you a little? Good. She should make you fear her love, so that when she lets you be apart of it, you won’t take it lightly. She should remind you of the power that beauty brings, that storms reside in her veins, and that she still wants you in the middle of it all. Do not take this soul for granted, for she is fierce, and she can take you places that you never thought you could go; but she is still loving in the midst of it all, like the calm rain after a storm, she can bring life. Learn her, and cherish her, respect her, and love her; for she is so much more than a pretty face, she is a soul on fire.

—T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 25 (via tblaberge)

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Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.

—Eve Glicksman  (via christiancbale)

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I lean behind you, mouth touching
you spine, my arms around
you, palm above the heart,
you blood insistent under
my hand, quick and mortal

Margaret Atwood, “Book of ancestors,” from Circe/Mud Poems (via lifeinpoetry)

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